Wednesday, July 24, 2013

10 minutes of writing

The kids and I have started writing for 10 minutes as part of our school day.  For now, we are using 'I am looking at..', 'I am thinking about..', 'I remember..' to get us started.  The only instructions were not to think about the writing before doing the actual writing.  Here's one of mine, and one from Simonne (12).

“I’m looking at…”

I’m looking at Jaedon, fascinated by the 5 inch laceration on his right hand, examining it, touching it, smelling it, resting hi lips on it, being with it.  He stares off into space, totally comfortable, totally himself.  Although this laceration only became a part of him 2 days ago, he integrated it into his person hood within the hour.  He owns it, protects it, feels it and, in a weird way, embraces it.  He’s different because of it, cautious of exposing it to prying eyes and fingers, protecting it from sights and feelings, yet, he’s the same with it.  He is himself, the same giggling, smiling, moody, crying, hungry, playful boy that I’ve known all his life.  He’s the same, yet with a 5 inch laceration on his arm.
“Milk”, he glances my way, sees me looking and stares in to my eyes.  His eyes say “If you are looking, do something.  I’m hungry.  I’m always hungry.  No more, no less because of the exposed, oozing epidermis on my arm.  No more, no less because of my nakedness.  No more, no less because of autism, or whatever other ‘co-morbidities’ experts think affect me.  I’m me, and I’m hungry”.  For good measure, to reinforce the point, he suggests “oil?”.
“Sure, sweetie, you can get some milk and some oil”

"I'm thinking about..."
I am thinking about a spaceship.  It is unlike any other spaceship I have ever seen.  Most spaceships look dull in color, but this spaceship is bright orange with pink stars all along the sides. In my mind, I see the spaceship taking off, and the smoke from behind the spaceship is sky blue, instead of smoky grey.  I can see the spaceship soaring up towards the stars. I'm putting on my glasses to see it better as it zooms away.  It's a very good thing to have brought a telescope at a time like this, because once I saw the space ship from it's starting position, I did not want to take my eyes off it.  And so I have to keep looking at it, because when we don't really look at things we miss out on a lot. 

Now the spaceship is reflecting the sunlight and is changing color.  Slowly the orange fades into green, and the pink turns into purple, then blue.  Now, I'm pretty sure that it is turning white but I'm wrong.  Suddenly I can see them all: red orange, yellow, green, blue, purple; all the amazing colors of the rainbow shine off the glittering dot in the sky.  But now it's gone. 

I need to do my homework.

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