Thursday, May 23, 2013

No You Di'ent.

I can tell you that all the hype about the piano being a "great" musical instrument is just that, hype. When it comes to great musical instruments, the piano is way overrated.

How do I know? Well from first hand experience, of course. I tried piano myself. Twice even. And I'm here to tell you firsthand that piano doesn't work.

This is not just hearsay from some thirdhand gossip. This is eyewitness testimony from someone who was there.

Not only did I try piano (did I mention that I did so twice), but I also prepared extensively. I read no fewer than ten texts on the piano, its design and construction, and its history. I read five biographies about so-called "great" pianists. I poured through contemporary magazines on pianos, keyboards and players. I readied myself in every way imaginable.

Yet, when put to the test, the piano failed to produce anything that I would call "great" music.

I tried piano; piano DOES NOT work.

If you're thinking, "Hmm... that was my experience with piano too", then, um, never mind.

If you're not thinking that then here's something to ponder. As silly as the above may sound, I'll bet you've done something akin to it in another domain.  Your phrasing may have been a bit different. Your articulated attributions may have varied. Nonetheless, you've made a similar case.

It might have been manual transmissions that don't work. It might have been sushi that didn't work. Certainly there have been diets or exercise regimes or self-improvement programs or significant partners that "didn't work." You tried them; they didn't work.

Whatever it is you "tried" that didn't work, there's a pretty good chance that it didn't work just like piano didn't work.

Why's that matter?

It doesn't in-and-of-itself. However, let's say that you've spent years looking for something that does work. It's quite likely that you've already "tried" several losers that were in fact winners. You just never really tried them. If that's the case, then you might want to revisit your having tried in light of the above having tried piano.

Happy Thursday,

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