Monday, May 6, 2013

Mindless thinking

My mind is exploding with a myriad of thoughts and ideas, and to be honest, that’s what it does best.  I'm on a mini-vacation, with a clear plan to do nothing.  So, with nothing on my agenda, I’m free to let the explosion happen, and just see all that shows up in my head.  It's wonderful! Thoughts connect to each other and to previously thought thoughts, and segue to seemingly unconnected ideas.  It's like watching a mesmerizing display of floating color and lights.  Typically, I shut it down, reminding myself that I have no time for this, feeling burdened by the compulsion to do something about all my thoughts. 

Rushing to identify the doing part of my thoughts isn’t always useful.  For one thing, the thing to be done isn’t always clear, or the decision to do that thing may not be actually based on the current series of thoughts, but on a previous decision, when another similar set of thoughts had occurred sometime in the past.  Sometimes I’m just acting on a part of another ‘to do’ list, possibly irrelevant to the yet uncompleted thoughts of today.  I haven’t allowed all the thoughts to tumble out, connect themselves to other thoughts in whatever haram-scaram, helter-skelter spider's web that evolves, how do I even know if I want to do anything about them, much less what the anything would be?
So for right now, I'm going to think my thoughts.  I may even write them down.  I don't know if I'll do anything about them yet.  I'm just committing to allowing them, to seeing and experiencing them for a while. 
What would you think about if you allowed yourself to just think?

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  1. Hi Faith, sweet! My time working with the wood-chipper seem to have the same effect on me. World politics, ethics, motivations, and any other unexpected thoughts come by. Some I dissect, others I acknowledge and then there are many more that just fly by like clouds in the sky.


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