Wednesday, April 10, 2013



You never really know whether you're a mile from your goal or a thousand.

Sometimes your goal is much farther away than it appears; sometimes, it's much closer.

Even if you've got the distance right, other things can change.

You might get faster; you might get slower.

Someone may stop and give you a lift; your ride might not show up.

Ultimately, you must rely on you...  to persist.

That may be a good bet; that may be a bad bet.

It may have been a good bet that is now bad; it may have been a bad bet that is now good.

That would be up to you.

To persist is not a "have to"; it's a choice.

It's a choice that can be unchosen, the choice to persist, or not.

When persistence is not a choice, it's called endurance.

One thing is certain. To persist increases the likelihood of arriving.

Sure, there are those who persist and don't arrive; there are those who don't persist, but do.

There are those who spend their entire lives trying to get to home plate, but only make it to third base.

There are those born on third base who think they hit a triple and yet never make it home.

There are those on whom no one bet; yet they persisted and overcame.

There are those on whom everyone bet; yet they folded at the first sign of challenge.


To be clear, to persist is not the same as to repeat, repeatedly.

Repeating may be part of persisting; repeating may look like persisting, but they're not the same.

To persist is to adapt.

To be clear, to adapt is not the same as to change.

Changing is part of adapting; changing may look like adapting, but they're not the same.

To adapt is to change in a way consistent with learning.

Persistence can require you to adapt slowly, as a species adapts to environmental change.

Persistance can require you to adapt quickly, as driver adapts to his car hitting an ice patch.

Sometimes you adapt to the situation; other times you adapt the situation to you.

Whether slow or fast, whether you or something else, persistence requires adaptation.

Persist, adapt and... achieve?

Well, yes, and no. There's one more thing.

Pay attention.

To adapt well, you have to pay attention.

Attend to everything, not just to what you think is important.

The most important clues are found where you least expect to find them.

They occur at times when you don't seek them.

Though they smack you upside your head, you miss them because you don't expect them.

Pay attention.

Persist, pay attention, adapt... repeat.

Succeed? Sure.

Perhaps you won't reach your initial goal, but it won't matter.

A goal is just another thing to adapt, perhaps the most important thing to adapt.


Pay attention.



Happy Wednesday,

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