Monday, April 15, 2013

Not So Random Thoughts

Never take career advice from someone who's looking forward to retirement.
(Corollary: Never embark upon a career from which you would look forward to retiring.)

You know you've found work that you can transform into a great career when you find yourself saying something like, "And they'll actually pay me to do this?"

When trying to diagnos a problem, start by fixing what you know is broken. The returns on looking for esoteric reasons are negligible when you haven't addressed the mundane ones that are right in front of you.

The best way to undermine doing well is to worry about doing poorly.

When you're passionate, no matter how hard you work, it never feels like work.
(Corollary: If it feels like work, it's not passion.)

Resistance to instruction is the first obstacle to learning.
(Caveat: Not all instruction is worth pursuing.)

The best way to discern whether or not instruction is worthwhile is to go with it. Most people who say, "Yeah, I tried that, but...", never did.

To not consistently practice with focus and attention is the second obstacle to learning; it's also the greatest.

You don't get it when...
...practice feels like work.
...learning feels like work. feels like work.

You can make anything feel like work, even those things you (used to) love to do.

You can make any work feel like play.

Overcome the trivial, petty limitations that pervade your life and you'll change everything. There's no need to focus on the big challenges until you've taken care of the little ones.

The key to correction is to see faults without judging faults. To see a fault is not to judge; to judge blinds you to faults. The key to never overcoming challenges is to judge everything that might be corrected.

Actively love what you do, and you'll get good at it; negative judgment and love never occupy the same space.

Happy Monday,

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