Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Art of Programming You

I think it goes something like this:
We often treat acceptance as the end game, something for which we strive, something we want to be. Only problem with this model is that it's completely dysfunctional. To treat acceptance as a goal is akin to receiving a wonderful tool that you promptly put into your toolbox and only extract from time to time so that you can polish it.

I think a more functional model would treat acceptance as means to an end, not the end itself.
We accept because acceptance enables action. We become more powerful actors because we've accepted that which we want to change. 

When we don't accept what is, we become distracted by it thereby diluting our focus and capacity to craft a future scenario (as Sree put it) different from the one we have. No matter how creative we are, without accepting the current scenario, the current one continues to bleed into any future ones we might create.

When we accept, we can be fully creative and we can persevere. 

Acceptance is a fine grand piano that must still be played. Of course for most people, a piano is just another piece of furniture.

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