Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mix it up

This shirt and pants work, Mommy.  Any 2 colors work together.  Look in nature.

What was I to say to that?  My 9th grade art teacher had sold me on the idea that colors on the opposite side of the color wheel would clash and shouldn't be put beside each other.  Simonne's comment brought to mind all the red hibiscuses in my grandmother's garden growing up.  Of course red and green could be together!  Maybe the clash is part of the beauty.

I was reminded of that thought last night, listening to people on a team think about how their personalities clashed with each other and ways to overcome the conflicts that arose.  As we talked, the beauty in putting opposing ideas together became obvious.  Instead of fighting about me being red and you being green, we can find ways to mix, juxtapose, shape, texture our colors to create a myriad of possibilities. Synergy is always possible.

Although always possible, making some connections synergistic may cost more than you are willing to pay.  I'm imagining myself with the paints trying to create beauty with my limited skill.  For the fun of it, to explore and grow, sure.  If I have a deadline, and a deliverable, I may set a time limit to my creative explorations.  Closer to my deadline, I might just do what works.  Decisions based on what's efficient and what will take me closer to what I want within the time frame that I want, are critical to make.  Still, could those outcomes lack umph and pizzazz, based on the synergy found in days gone by?

The world pops with possibilities, ideas, images to play with and integrate, take apart and recreate. How boring to always use yesteryear's stuff! I'm setting another intention, as important to me as all the other deliverables that I juggle.  I'll practice looking for synergistic connections when I don't need them.  That way they'll be easier to spot when I do.

What are you going to throw together in your idea stew today to create synergy where others would least expect it?

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  1. Great point, Faith. A friend emailed me yesterday about some syntax/style rules we were discussing, and her parting note was "but as with any rules, all we need to remember is that we made them :)". And it is so especially with colors. Growing up in India, I never saw navy blue paired with khaki or tan, but it seems to be quite common here. Clash? Beauty? It's what we make up.


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