Friday, October 19, 2012

Cut Some Slack Friday

Here we are again. Time for another Cut-Someone-Some-Slack Friday.

What is Cut-Someone-Some-Slack Friday? It's a day to let it slide, give someone a pass, allow someone to catch her breath and try again. It's day where you recognize that all that stuff that seems so important is, well, not so important as it seems.

It's also a day to look away from what's not there and look at what is there, to shift your focus from the 2% that's incomplete to the 98% that is well done. It's a chance to celebrate all someone did even if he didn't do all that he intended.

The best part about Cut-Someone-Some-Slack Friday is that it starts with you cutting yourself some slack. It's a well-documented fact that you can't effectively cut slack for others if you can't do it for yourself. You can try, but you'll end up with a strange side-effects and a funny aftertaste. Nope, to effectively cut slack for others, you must begin with you.

So, what slack will you cut today? What disappointment will you magically transform into accomplishment and celebration? How will you celebrate Cut-Someone-Some-Slack Friday?

Happy Friday,

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