Tuesday, October 30, 2012


My favorite aspect of our relationship (mine and Iris') is how we manage adventures. We have just the best time when adventuring; we work well together; we complement each other; we laugh a lot.

I think it begins with both of us seeing the adventure in the situation. There are lots of people who see adventure when others see challenge or disaster or impossibility. OK, maybe not lots of people, but certainly some people. However, it's not often that both partners in a relationship are adventurers.

Our mutual enjoyment of adventures is there because we both see them. Further, when one or the other of us has missed the adventure within the challenge, all the other has to do is to say, "Hey, it's an adventure", and before you know it, we're both on the same page.

Seeing the adventure in the challenge changes everything. Any sense of being overwhelmed melts into hope.  The noise of random chaos dissipates, revealing patterns. You remember to flip the coin to see the opportunity that is always on the other side. Challenge becomes fun. Being down by twenty points in the fourth quarter becomes the opportunity of a lifetime. Your world changes.

The change of perspective has a functional impact on results. You see solutions that would have otherwise evaded you or that you wouldn't have seen simply because you weren't looking. You perform tasks better and faster. You learn as you go making your performance even better as the challenges increase. You think more clearly and you have tons of energy.

It's just a perspective, but one that can make a pretty big difference when the odds are against your and others have lost hope. It's not a problem; it's an adventure.

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