Thursday, September 13, 2012

10 Things

The other day, a friend posted on Facebook a set of quotes from Steven Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  The title of the posting was, "10 Things That You Must Give Up to Move Forward."

As I read the post, I really liked the ideas and, although I'm not on board with all of the, wanted to share them with you. Since, I'm a big fan of moving towards the new rather than away from the old, my first thought was to rephrase the post into "10 Things That You Must Adopt to Move Forward". However, there are times when looking at what you don't want can lead to greater clarity and efficiency. 

Of course, I added a few sub-points of my own (identified with an asterisk). So, here we go...

Ten Things
You Must Give Up
To Move Forward

#1 Letting the opinions of others control your life.
- It's not what others thing, but what you think about yourself that counts.
- You have to do exactly what's best for you and your life, not what's best for everyone else.
- It may surprise you to find that doing what's best for you is actually what's best for everyone.

#2 The shame of past failures
- Your past does not equal your future.
- All that matters is what you do now.
* You are not your past.
* If you never fail, then you must not be trying very hard or doing much.

#3 Being indecisive about what you want
- You will never leave where you are until you decide where you would rather be
- Make a decision to figure out what you want, and then pursue it passionately
* If you find it difficult to pursue it passionately, it's probably not what you want

#4 Procrastinating on the goals that matter to you
- There are two primary choices in life: 
     a) to accept conditions as they are, or
     b) to accept responsibility for changing them.
- The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago; the second best time is now.

#5 Choosing to do nothing
- You don't get to choose how you are going to die or when.
- You can only choose how you are going to live right now.
- Every day is a new chance to choose.
* There are very few choices that can't be undone or changed.
* Every moment is a chance to choose again.

#6 Your need to be right
- Aim for success, but never give up on your right to be wrong.
- Needing to be right compromises your ability to learn new things and move forward with your life.
* Any time you do something truly new, you're going to get it wrong (at least the first few times).

#7 Running from problems that should be fixed
- Stop running!
- Face these issues, fix the problems, communicate, appreciate and forgive.
- LOVE the people in your life who deserve it.
* Lose the concept of blame.
* LOVE the people who don't deserve it.

#8 Making excuses rather than decisions
- Most long-term failures are the outcome of people making excuses instead of decisions.
* Next time you find yourself answering a question with an excuse, just stop it.
* Next time you find yourself excusing the fact that you were answering a question with an excuse...

#9 Overlooking the positive points in your life
- What you see and don't see depends entirely on what you're looking to find.
- You will have a hard time ever being happy if you can't be thankful right now.
* There are always things for which you can be thankful.
* Gratitude is a skill that can be developed with practice.
* People skilled at gratitude tend to be happy.

#10 Not appreciating the present moment
- Too often we get so caught up in accomplishing something big we fail to notice the little things.
- Almost all your life is made up of little things.
* You know what they call all that time spent between destinations? Your life.

Happy Thursday,

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