Wednesday, July 25, 2012

VIP Wednesday

How the time flies. Yes, it's true. We've arrived at another VIP (Very Important Person) Wednesday, a day on which we celebrate the most significant people in our lives.

You might say, "Wait a minute! I don't need a special day as a cause for celebration; I celebrate the most significant people in my life every day."

That may be true, but consider this for a moment. It may well be that the most important people in your life are ones whom you've come to take for granted or not notice at all. We often view taking someone for granted as a bad thing; we see it as a reflection of not valuing someone. However, there are many times when take for granted people whom we value greatly. Taking them for granted is a side-effect of deep trust and great comfort.

For example, there's a rule of thumb in IT that the best you can hope for is to go unnoticed. IT folks tend only to get noticed when things aren't working. People tend not to call the IT department when everything's flowing smoothly. On VIP Wednesday, you might decide to celebrate your IT Help Desk. You could drop-off a pizza just before lunch time or hand out iTunes gift cards.

Sometimes the people whom you take for granted are the ones with whom you're most in sync. Over time I've worked with several people where our economy of communication was so efficient and our thought processes so aligned that it was wasteful if we were ever in the same place at the same time. My buddy Jonathan and I worked together for years, but rarely attended the same meetings or reviewed what each other had done.  It was quite easy either of us to take for granted that the other was doing what needed to be done in the most effective way possible. We could go for months without talking directly and still be on exactly the same page.

Sometimes we ascribe VIP status to people, not because of their positive influence in our lives, but because we feel we should or because they demand it. It can be that the people who offer you the least demand the most. This draws away attention from those whom you've come to take for granted.

Regardless of who or why, the first step in celebrating VIP Wednesday is to crank up your awareness of the people in your life who do things that benefit you. They may do so intentionally; however, the benefit may simply be a side-effect of something they'd do anyway or a byproduct of who they are in general. The thing is to open your awareness to who they are and what they do, and then to create a sense of gratitude for it.

The second step is to act upon your gratitude. Be creative. Be funny. Be celebratory. Be happy.

That's about it. Easy-peezy.

Happy VIP Wednesday,

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  1. Very informative hope other get motivation from it..


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