Saturday, July 21, 2012

Odds & Ends

Stuff I observed this week...

If you ever find yourself defending the fact that you possess self-confidence, guess what?

If you ever find yourself defending the fact that someone else possesses self-confidence, it's a) a side-effect of my first statement, b) doubtful that you believe it yourself, or c) both.

No one can give you self-confidence (hence the word self); self-confidence that relies on something external (e.g. circumstance, environment, someone) isn't.

People who don't understand something often know all the vocabulary used to describe it; people who deeply understand something often don't know that there is a vocabulary used to describe it.

The path to the future is always most brightly illuminated by the bridges burning behind you.

Note the word "behind"; it's usually a good idea to cross your bridges before you burn them.

Sometimes you can't see the path until after you've burned the bridges.

Henry Ford was dead on when he said, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right."

99% of the time, when someone says, "Oh, yeah, I tried that", he's lying. The percentage increases when he includes phrases like "basically", "for a while", "something like", "a form of", or "but".

If you've never played with a band, then no matter how much you've learned, you probably don't know how to play.

Not everyone with a PhD is stupid.

Everything is easy if you break it down into steps, pay attention and practice consistently over an extended interval.

Each time you transform anything from difficult to easy, you make everything difficult a bit easier.

The worst time to prepare for a gig is just before the gig.

People who run on external sources of inspiration rarely expend perspiration. When they do, it's only for short periods of time.

Generally speaking, people let how they're feeling influence their level of energy (as if the two were related).

Sometimes, you're just dehydrated.

Most people don't want to believe that it's just dehydration.

You can reinvent yourself instantly at any time, specially those times where you're ready to toss in the towel. 

Instantly reinventing yourself can have a dramatic impact on the situation.

Alcoholic fathers tend to lie, specially when asked if they've been drinking.

There's nothing better than reminding yourself how thankful you are for someone you love.

There's nothing sweeter than sharing your gratitude with them.

Happy Saturday,

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