Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Who Will You Be?

Who will you be, today?

What will be the qualities that uniquely identify you among all the people that others will encounter?

Will you be present or distant?

Will you be black & white, shades of gray, or vivid color?

Will be too small to see or too big to ignore?

Will you be aware or ignorant?

How will you attend to your awareness...

...when you see an older woman struggling with her groceries as she tries to open the door.

...when a glance at the rearview mirror reveals a guy riding your bumper.

...when a kid walking down the street in front of you casually discards on the sidewalk the wrapper of his candy bar.

...when someone you're talking to seems inattentive or distracted.

...when a friend's demeanor tells you that something isn't quite right.

Who will you be, today?

Will you be the strong one that people turn to or the one who turns?

Will you bring perspective or will you fuel discord?

Will you be a taker or a giver?

Will you receive graciously or refuse to accept?

Will your love be so big that it's inescapable or will it be so small that it's invisible?

Will you be dry-erase or permanent?

Will you be easy or hard?

Will you be light or heavy?

Who will you be today?

Happy Wednesday,

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