Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Not What You Think

In the continuing saga of the unfairness of life, there's a theme that recurs constantly. Just when you finally get it, "it" changes or "it" turns out not being it.

You finally learn to read the signs of a child who's experiencing sensory overload and it turns out that he's just acting out. You finally learn to hear the transition from one key to the next and it turns out that the pianist simply made a mistake.  You finally learn to stick to your plan and it's actually time to improvise.

"It" becomes "not-it" all the time. However the transition seems most abrupt and disconcerting when it occurs just as you've figured "it" out.

It's not fair.

In fact it would likely be the case that just after you figured out that life's not fair, life would take a sudden turn for the better and rain down fairness upon you. And you know what? You'd miss it because you'd just finally got that life is NOT fair.

So what do you do?

Here's the deal. It's NEVER about getting IT. NEVER!

OK, except in settings of formal education, it's NEVER about getting IT.

It's ALWAYS about getting HOW to get it and become QUICKER and BETTER at getting it. Once you focus on getting IT, you've kind of missed the point. After all, how hard could IT be to get.  The point is the GETTING part.

So, getting IT is not the point of getting it. GETTING it is about learning HOW to get it.

That's it.

Happy Tuesday,


  1. Very neat, Tef; it's the Getting, not the It. The Getting is internal and therefore in my hands; the It is external and usually out of my hands.

  2. Sree, that's IT! Err... um... yeah.


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