Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nutritious You

Have you ever heard someone who is getting her life together talk about filling her life with nutritious people, people who are sources of positive energy, people who are nurturing, encouraging, inspiring and uplifting. It's a great practice. Spending time with nutritious people can be really healthy. Similarly, spending time with people whose personalities lack essential nutrients can be draining and even debilitating.

It might be an artifact of living in the Berkshires, but I often hear people talking about having embarked on a new personal-relationship diet. They're cutting back on exposure to the non-nutritive people in their lives and loading up of nutritive ones.

Conversely, I don't believe I've ever heard anyone talking about becoming a more nutritious personality. Does anyone ever ask himself, "Hmm... How could I become the most nutritious person possible?", or, "If I were a food group, what would it be?"

I started thinking about various nutritional analogs to personality types.

Some people who are like sweets; they provide a quick hit of energy, but it dissipates quickly leaving you in a slump.

Some people are like proteins; they take much longer to metabolize and process and you don't feel an immediate hit of energy, but over time you find you've developed muscle and strength.

Some people are like garlic; they boost your immune system, but everyone knows you've been spending time with them.

Some people are like week-old sushi; they leave little parasites that continue to sap your energy even after they're gone.

Some people are more high-fiber in nature; they're difficult to process, but leave you feeling much clearer.

Some people are like vitamins (C, D, E, A, etc.); they provide a boost in a specialized area.

What kind of people fill your life? How nutritive (or not) are they? How would you describe your people-diet? High carbs? High protein? High fiber?

To what food group would you belong? How nutritive are you?  What would you change to improve the diet of people in your life?

Happy Sunday,

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