Friday, April 6, 2012

Candy and Cake



Mark K

The man playing the piano is Lew Scharpf. Given his musical craftsmanship, mild mannered demeanor and sweet personality you'd never guess that his day gig is as the Vice President of R&D at IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc).

The singer is my mom, Betty; she's fast approaching her seventieth birthday and you might not hear it in her voice, but at 5'2" and just over 100 pounds by comparison even Iris seems physically large.

This post is a fulfillment of my promise to Mark K that I'd share one of the cassette recordings I discovered last Saturday while cleaning out the garage and wrote of in Betty Sings.

The song is Candy and Cake, a Bob Merrill tune from 40's. I picked it for a couple of reasons. First you get to hear my mom speaking (just a bit) as well as singing. Second, you get to learn something about her from the few words she says.

My mom grew up in a mill town in northwest South Carolina. Her dad was the mill's general manager. Her mom played organ at the Southern Baptist church; her dad led the singing. As you might imagine, all this strongly influenced my mom's perspective and manner. Even 50 years after leaving South Carolina for New York City, she introduces the song almost apologetically because it's "frivolous".

Her apologies said, she goes on to sing Candy and Cake with all the the energy that she might have put into something less frivolous and more "appropriate", for example, Amazing Grace or Blessed Assurance. That was my mom.

So Mark K, here you go...

Candy and Cake

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  1. Thank you! Mom has a great voice! Reminds me of the old musicals I used to watch as a kid. What a treasure to have found.



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