Sunday, April 8, 2012

Breakthrough Sunday

Is there anything in your life that you'd love to change, have repeatedly tried to change, but have failed to change? Something that, if changed, would change everything else? Something that you would trade almost anything to get or get rid of?

I'm not talking about mother-in-law or your boss... well maybe... but more about something in you. Actually, even if we were talking about your mother-in-law or your boss, we'd still likely start with something in you.

If there is something you'd like to change but have not changed, here's a clue: what you're doing isn't working.

That'll be five dollars please.

What that's you say? Duh? You already knew that?

I beg to differ. If you know what you're doing isn't working, then why are you doing it?

Cat got your tongue?

Look, either you aren't really aware that what you're doing isn't working or continuing what you're doing is more important to you than your desired change. So which is it?

Let's say that it's the former and let's further qualify my statement to: you know that what you're doing isn't working, but you can't put your finger on exactly what isn't working or why it doesn't work.


Let me suggest that you do in fact know exactly what is not working, but that you're hoping that it's something else. I suggest this not because I know you well, but simply because it's something we humans do. We hope that there's a magic way to lose weight without actually reducing intake. We hope that there's a way to make money without increasing effort. We hope that there's a way to deal with problems by not facing them. We hope that there's a way to become happier by changing things outside ourselves.

We hope that the root cause of any problem isn't what we suspect it to be and quite typically only effect desired change when we finally abandon that hope and get down to dealing with what we knew all along was the culprit.

Sound familiar?

If not, then, um, never mind. If so, how about making today Breakthrough Sunday.
  1. Pick something you'd like to change. It can be anything: how you react to your uncle Hiram... the color of the living room... the way the bathroom door squeaks when you try to close it quietly... your general state of being.

  2. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, count to three and shout out whatever it is that's blocking change. Don't think about it. Don't second guess. Just go with whatever comes to mind.

  3. Whatever it is you shouted out, don't do that today or better yet, think of a nice alternative to that. For example, if you never get time to catch up on Sundays because you're so busy preparing the big family meal, then decide that today you'll order takeout Chinese or Sushi. You'll have more time to catch up and you might even get to socialize with your family.

Yup, it's Breakthrough Sunday. It's the day on which we formally recognize that what we're doing ain't working and therefore, do something else.

Happy Breakthrough Sunday,

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