Monday, April 30, 2012

The attack of the white bird!

Last July, we got 4 zebra finches.  Now we have 13.  I'm about to separate the boys from the girls!  Anyway, I'm sharing a much exaggerated story that Simonne wrote about the time one of the juveniles (baby birds after they aren't babies anymore , but aren't quite mature) flew out of the cage.  I hope you enjoy it.  I certainly did!

What a night it was! Friday night: the night the white bird made its attack-at our house.

That night, when Zachary and I were talking and having some fun at the birdcage, the white bird made its attack.

It spread its wings, made sure the space between the open door and Zachary's body was big enough, then it flew through the opening; it was so fast Zachary and I did not see what had happened until we looked up and saw, hovering over our heads, the white bird. Zachary and I both gave out a yell. We jumped up from our chairs and looked up at it anxiously. The white bird glared down at us and we glared back up at her. For an awful moment nothing happened, but just for a moment. The next moment she dashed away. Zachary and I then unfroze. "We need to catch that bird before it destroys our house!" I thought aloud. "Quick, lets get the net!"

Zachary ran over into the school area, and came back with the net. "Good." I said, and in the same breath added: "You look that  way and I'll look that way and yell if you find her. We need to do this fast before she does too much damage!" 

Frantically we both ran in our different directions. I ran into the bedroom and looked under the beds and the sheets, in the closet, and behind the things on the shelves, but I didn't find her in there. I checked the bathroom. I looked in the sink, bathtub, and on the shelves where we keep our towels. I was just about to look in the middle-room when I heard a yell come from the dining room. "I found her!!"

I dashed down the stairs and into the dining room. It was just as Zachary had said. The white bird was right there perched on top of the birdcage looking quite disturbed. I grabbed the net from Zach and slowly approached the bird. When I was sure that I was close enough, I swung the net over the birdcage and then closed it, and looked in to see if I had caught it. But the net was empty and the white bird, of course, was no longer sitting quietly on top of the birdcage. The other birds in the birdcage watched all of this with wide eyes. I scanned the room with my eyes; looking for the bird. I spotted her sitting on top of the radiator. Zachary and I both reached out our hands and tried to close them on her at the same time, causing the horrified bird to jump backwards and fall behind the radiator. We stood still for a moment. Then I reached over the side of the radiator and pulled the cover off of it; and immediately the white bird flew from behind it. I let out a sigh. The white bird landed back on top of the birdcage. Zachary swatted at it. It immediately jumped off and flew over the table......and landed in my supper bowl! Zachary reached out frantically and caught the bird, put it back in the cage, and closed the door tight. It took a little while for Zachary and I to calm down. I had already not wanted to eat the rest of my supper, but now I had a reason for it. I was happy.

And as for the white bird, I don't really know how it was feeling. All I know was that it was sitting on a perch in the cage, looking at us and breathing with its mouth open. 


  1. Simonne, what a great story and you tell it so well. I can't wait to read more of the adventures of Zachary and Simonne. Perhaps you'll write an entire series of books.

  2. I enjoyed that so very much! I hope you keep writing, Simonne!! You could become a famous author!


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