Friday, March 23, 2012

His Hat Went to Vegas Without Him

We sit at the bar at Railroad Street chomping on Poor Boys. I flip my Mac around to show Kevin a some of the pictures from Vegas. We talk and laugh. Kevin heads off to attend to another patron.

I flip the Mac around and notice a photo of Iris in her stage-wear. I tell her, "Wow, you look really great. That outfit works for you. I love the hat."

I think, "Where'd that hat come from?"

I closely look at the picture. Something stirs in my mind's eye, a miracle. It's… it's… it's a from a Thanksgiving miracle.

I turn to Iris and say, "That's Mark's hat. Mark Kaufman wore it to our house when he showed up on Thanksgiving morning with lox and bagels exactly when he said he would come."

Iris says, "What?"

I say, "Your hat, the one that looks so great on you. It's Mark Kaufman's hat."

Iris says, "It is?"

I say, "Yeah, his hat went to Vegas without him."

Both of us simultaneously look up to the right and say, "Hmmm… His hat went to Vegas without him."

We turn our gazes to one another and say, "That's a great title for a story."

Your assignment today, should you choose to accept it, is to write for ten minutes on the theme, "His hat went to Vegas without him." Tomorrow, we'll post some of the stories (or at least one of them). If you'd like us to post your, just email it to me or Iris by the end of the day today.

Happy Friday,
Below are some photos for inspiration.

A Hat to Replace

Hat Checking In

Hat at Airport

Hat Admired

Two Hats

Three Hats

Four Hats

Five Hats

Hat Desired

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