Saturday, March 24, 2012

Faith: His Hat Went to Vegas Without Him

The first response to our writing exercise from yesterday is from Faith.

Plenty of time if you haven't yet spent your ten minutes.

Happy Saturday,

Twirling it on his fingers, the price tag still dangling, he stares wistfully out the window.  People hustle by, busy with their lives.  They seem so intentional: creating their paths, their ways in the world.  His watching them create their lives seems ironic to him.  Everyone sees him as one of those people who makes things happen, a mover and shaker. 

At work he's the go-to guy, a real 'Go-Getter', but that's easy.  He's smart. He always knows what to do. He doesn’t even need to want the results.   If it makes the company money, makes the bosses and owners happy, makes him look good, he does it! 
Today, this moment, is different. What does he want?  He's on vacation, sitting in the airport, twirling his hat, waiting for his flight to Vegas.  He’s puzzled by a sudden sense of uncertainty.  He wants to go to Vegas, right? 

His friends are already there, and he promised to meet them.  They were thrilled to hear he would be on vacation and thought his joining them would be just perfect.  Little Jimmy would be so excited to see his favorite ‘Uncle Z’ as he is affectionately called.  He saw no flaw in the plan, so he made the arrangements.

So, here he is at the airport.  Why the angst?
Hey mister!  That’s a great hat!

A young man of about 13, of clearly eclectic tastes stands in front of him, looking with interest at his twirling hand. 

Thanks, son.  Where are you headed to?

To Las Vegas, with my family.  I’m on a break from school.
The clouds start to part; a thought begins to form, faintly.  Where else would he be right now if he weren't on his way to Vegas?  The thought becomes bigger and clearer transforming from the subjective to the imperative.  "Find out!"

Son, I think this hat really fits your style.  Why don’t you take it with you to Vegas?  I’d love it to see Vegas and I’m headed somewhere else today.

At the delighted look on the young man’s face, he hands him the hat, takes up his bag and walks towards the exit sign.

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