Monday, March 12, 2012

The Best Day Ever

Carla, the woman at the registration desk says, "Welcome to the Wynn, Mr. Tuomenoksa."

I pause a moment before responding. She doesn't look Finnish, but she just pronounced my name after looking at my driver's license.

"Thank you", I say. "We're glad to be here."

"I have a room for you on the fifth floor. However, if you'd like I can upgrade to a suite one of the higher floors for just fifty-dollars per night."

Iris tugs on my arm and says, "Let's stay on the fifth floor. That's where the rest of the band will be."

I thank Carla for the offer, but decline. She completes our registration, hands me our keys and then holds up a little map that will guide us through the casino to the guest elevators.

I slot the keycard into the door, listen to the tumblers click. As we enter, I hit the light button. Lights all over the brighten slowly like an accelerated sunrise. The curtains automatically draw open. The music system plays quiet jazz. The room welcomes us.

Iris and I look at each other and then pan the room. It's gorgeous. It's huge. The view is great. There are more than ample plugs for our Macs, iPads, Droids and music gear. There's beautiful desk and glass-topped table.

I ask her, "Gee, I wonder what a suite on the upper floors would have been like?"

I catch myself. We've just entered the nicest hotel room ever. We're staying here for free as a part of our compensation for the gig. I'm about to dim that experience by thinking about what we might have missed.

I stop myself. I look at Iris and say, "This is the best hotel room, ever."

Iris and I sit with my dad on a dock-side restaurant in Sea Bright New Jersey. We're on the river side of the narrow strip of land that separates Rumson from the sea. It's 75 degrees. A cool breeze stirs the awning above us. We all stare as the sun slowly sinks below the horizon.

Our waiter comments, "Isn't it beautiful."

We all nod and continue staring.

A few moments later, I hear him at the table next to us. He makes a similar comment.

I hear a nasally reply that sounds almost annoyed. "I guess so. Still, it's not as nice as last night."

The funny thing about the word "best" is that we tend to use it literally in situations where there's no way we reasonably could. We rarely (if ever) perform the data collection and analysis to justify the use of best. Yet we use the word often.

I'm not suggesting that we not use the best. I'm suggesting that we recognize that best does not represent a quantitative evaluation. It doesn't even represent a qualitative one. Typically we use the word "best" to represent our experience of the moment. Best is an experiential phenomenon.

The reason I suggest this is that it allows us to increase the frequency best-ness in our lives. Quantitatively, you can only have one best-day-ever. Experientially, you can have as many best-days-ever as you have days. For that matter you can have as many best-meals, best-sunsets, best-hotel-rooms, best conversations, best-anythings that you want.

Wow, this is my best post ever. Isn't that cool?

What will you make best today?

Happy Monday,

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