Friday, February 17, 2012


Right here, right now, your life begins.

You have the opportunity to make whatever you will of it, whatever you will of you.

May I suggest an approach, some things try?

Play! Play like you've never played. Play as though your were a kid. Play with breakfast. Play with your commute. Play with your work. Play with your parter, your friends, your colleagues, your kids. Today, everything is a game and nothing has any more meaning than the meaning you ascribe to it.

Do! Forget about figuring it out. Forget about having everything you need. Forget about the right time and the right place. Take something that you've wanted to do or try and do it. You don't have to do it well. You don't have do it long. Don't wait. Do.

Decide! Decide that no matter what comes your way, you'll figure it out. Even if you can't see your way through in the moment, decide that you will. When a challenge pops up ask yourself, "How hard could it be?" and decide, "It's got to be easier than it looks."

Love! Gaze across the kitchen table at your partner or look at her picture and think of all the things you love about her. Build your love piece by piece and then express it to him in as big a way as you can. Before your meeting, think of each participant and love them. Build it. Show it. Exude love in everything you do.

Enjoy! Take deep delight in simple things, the warm of the water as it runs over your hands while washing the dishes. The texture of a carrot as you crunch it with your molars. The sound of your kids as they run about the house. The smell of the air as you step outside. Breath deeply and savor the bounty that is yours.

Today is a new day. Never been used. Yours to take and make your own.

Happy Friday,


  1. Thank you! In this very moment as I look at my backyard covered with snow and occasional snowflakes flying in I feel great: peaceful, blessed and worthy. But my inner critic says: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Happy, excited, inspired. This would last you another minute or less. You never do it and thus never get to big H or stay there for long". But I want to get there and stay for long! Please? :o) Is it hard, expensive, requires sacrifice?

    1. Hey Anonymous! Try ignoring your inner critic, like you would a commercial on TV. He doesn't have to be quiet, but you don't have to listen to him either.


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