Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Tick... tick... tick...

I look up at the wall clock.


Damn, I should have finished this section of code forty-five minutes ago.

I exhale through pursed lips, the sound of my breath temporarily obscuring that of the clock.

Tick... tick... tick...


What was I doing? Oh yeah, I was chiding myself for not working faster.

I get up, walk into the garage, grab the broom and sweep. Sweeping helps me focus, helps me think.

My mind clears. The code comes into focus. I find my groove.

I hang up the broom and walk back into the house. Pulling the chair away from my desk to sit down, I glance at the clock and stop.

I walk over the wall, reach up and take down the clock.

I pull out the little double-A battery that drives it mechanism. I carry the clock into the garage and toss it atop the dirt and dust I collected from the floor.

Sitting down at my desk, I exhale. The sound of my breathing subsides. I hear silence.

Happy Tuesday,

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