Sunday, February 5, 2012

More than Grateful Sunday

Ask yourself the question, "How long has it been since I made a huge display of gratitude for someone in my life?"

OK, now answer it. How long has it been? Minutes? Hours? Days? Weeks? Months?

Hmmmm... And the answer is?

Perhaps you've felt grateful. Perhaps you mentioned it casually. But when was the last time your expression lived up to your gratefulness?

Perhaps, you haven't felt all that grateful. Is there nothing for which to be grateful? Or have you begun to take for granted that for which you were once truly grateful?

Come on now, it's really hard to believe that there's nothing. So, what have you taken for granted lately? How about rekindling a sense of gratitude for it? It'll feel really good.

Of course, the best way to build gratitude is to express it. It needn't even be to the object of your gratefulness. You can just shout it out to no one in particular. Go ahead, shout it out. Don't worry about those other people in the coffee shop or in check-out line; just shout out, "OMG! I am so thankful for... I can't even believe it."

Then make it even bigger by making it more specific. Build on your gratitude with other statements of gratitude. If your fellow patrons give you any problems, just ask them to join you. Ask them for what they are grateful. Let'em know that it'll feel really good. Get everyone to join in, even the grumpy guy behind the counter.

Happy More-than-Grateful Sunday,

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