Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eila's Day

What do you want for your kids? What do you hope for?

When you strip away all the accoutrements, I think it comes down to four basics. You want your child to:
  • Become strong and independent.

  • Find a partner who is their intellectual, emotional and physical match and who loves them intensely.

  • Find work that is rewarding and fulfilling.

  • Be happy.
Sure, there are things like a good education, a nice place to live, children, and the pursuit of happiness. To me all those are secondary. A strong, independent and happy person with a loving partner who can keep up and a job that is rewarding and fulfilling can take care of the rest, herself.

The other day, I wrote about the first Eila's Eve. It occurred 30 years (plus 15 days) ago. On Sunday we celebrated what I'll call Eila's day. Our Eila's day celebration provided a glorious conclusion to what had been a pretty tough week. Although the world is short one Tuomenoksa, it gained a Pereira. We partied like Brazilians.

I got what I hoped for and I have photos.

Happy Wednesday,

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