Thursday, January 5, 2012

Whatcha Doin'

Hey, whatcha doing?

I'm writing. I like to get up early in the morning before everyone wakes up, tiptoe down to my office, and write. It's kind of a meditation for me. It changes my whole day if I spend just a little time by myself in the morning writing.

Whatcha writing about?

Ummm... Well... I'm not sure yet. I'd be glad to let you read it when I'm done.

You don't even know what you're writing about?

Nope, not yet. I just kind of shut out the rest of the world, start writing, and see where it takes me.

Uh huh...

What are you doing?

Oh, don't mind me. I just thought I'd look over your shoulder while you write. You know, to better understand the creative process.

Well, umm, I appreciate that but I'd really prefer you that didn't lean on me while looking over my shoulder. Actually, I'd just prefer that you not look over my shoulder while I write.

How come?

Uh... You know... Um... It's 5:30AM. No one else is up yet. Well, I guess you are. Still, it's just us early birds and I'm was kinda hoping to get in a half-an-hour of uninterrupted writing. You know what I mean?

Oh yeah, I know exactly what you mean. You want your me-time. Sometimes I just crave a little me-time, time for me, myself and I. No interruptions. No responsibilities. Time where I can just do whatever I want to do with no one bothering me or asking me for something. Yup, I totally understand.

Uh, huh.

Yup, I get it. You do so much for everyone; you deserve some time to yourself. God knows what it'll be like when they all get up. You probably won't get a moment's rest.

Probably not.

I totally understand. I'm going leave you alone and let you write. Yup, I'll just sit over here as quiet as a church mouse. Don't pay me any attention; you just go ahead and have your little me-time.


Oh, just one more thing....

Happy Thursday,

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