Thursday, January 12, 2012


So, you can do that?

Sure, it's a piece-of-cake.

That means easy, right?

What means easy?


Yeah, piece-of-cake means easy.


Why does it mean easy?

I guess? I mean, what's cake got to do with easy?

Goes back to the eighteen hundreds when cakes were used as prizes at fairs and other public events. For example, there was something called a cakewalk. Couples walk in a circle around a cake and the best looking couple wins the cake. They keep going til everyone has won. Makes it near impossible to lose. Hence, we use cakewalk and piece-of-cake to refer to something that's easy.

Uh, huh... So that means you can do it, right?

Sure, piece-o... yes, I can do it easily and quickly.

How come?

How come what?

How come you can do it easily and quickly. They told me down in IT that it would take weeks and that it might even be impossible. They said they'd have to keep my laptop the entire time. When I told the guy that I need my laptop for work and that I can't be without for weeks, he just shrugged.

Yup, IT guys will do that.

But if it's so hard, why is it easy for you?

Because it's not hard, it's just something I know how to do.

And they don't?

Could be or it could be that they just didn't want to be bothered. You know, they tell you it'll take a long time and you decide not to do anything about.

But why would anyone do that? Isn't it their job?

I can't speak to that. I can just tell that it's not hard. It'll take me about ten minutes and your machine will be running about 200% faster.

So that's like twice as fast?

No, that's like three-times as fast.

Then why wouldn't you say 300% faster?

Because 300% faster would be four-times as fast.


Well, if I were to say 200% of it's current speed, then that would be 2-times. However, if I say 200% faster, then you've already got your 100%, so you add the 200% to it.


OK, if I make your computer 100% faster would it be the same speed as it was before or a different speed?


Yup. How much different?

100% ?

Yup. So what's 100% plus 100%?

200% ?

Yup. So what's 100% plus 200%?

300% ?

See, piece-of-cake?

But how do you know all this stuff?

Know all what stuff?

Fixing computers and math and stuff.

Well, there's not that much to know actually. You need to know some things, but most of it you can just figure out.

But isn't that hard?

Nope. Piece-of-cake.

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