Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Go with the flow

It's settled. As of now, this is my rhythm. Within a given four-week period, I have two-to-two-and-a-half weeks of great energy, followed by one-and-a-half-to-two weeks of not so great energy. By energy, I mean how I feel physically and the performance of the machinery that produces positive emotions and thoughts.

When my energy is up, I bounce back quickly and maybe even higher than before. I see opportunities and possibilities. Stuff happens and I ride with it. I rant and get over it. Sometimes I don't rant at all. I'm creative and can get a lot done in just a little bit of time. I'm easy and forgiving. Everyone is, after all, doing their best.

On the other hand, if I'm in that other part of the month, I feel tired faster. I don't enjoy tired. My bounce is less bouncy; I may bounce through the floor and keep going down. I curse the opportunities I took (no doubt in a state of stupidity). I thought I'd be able to follow through? What was I thinking? It's not just me! I'm not the only stupid one! Everyone else seems to be falling prey to the same malady (specially the ones living in my house).

I tend to be a fixer. Things are out of place, I create systems to make them right. I've focused much of my fixing on this low energy phenomenon. I've had some success with supplements and teas, rebounding on the trampoline, and challenging my beliefs that lead to the 'stupid' judgement. Still, I have to tell you that their combined impact fades in comparison to one single strategy.

I relax.

In our home program with Jaedon, we have an idea that we use to help ourselves become centered and connected to him. It's called No Fixing Jaedon. We decide that he is beautiful as he is and feel gratitude while just being around him. There's no need to fix anything.

I decided to implement No Fixing Faith. If I wasn't focused on fixing, how would I live my life and do what needs to be done, given what I'm experiencing in my mind and body right now?

  • High energy periods.
    I can get a lot done. Instead of conserving, I push things to the limit. If I decide to do a project for someone, it doesn't go on the list. It gets done now. Send me a document to look at, I send it back in 30 minutes with comments and edits. I create new opportunities for myself, make appointments, fill out forms, talk to people. The kids and I have tremendous fun. Isaiah and I have even more! It's a great time all around. It's like christmas.

  • Reduced energy periods
    Rather than experiencing shock and dismay, I welcome them like a member of the family, a family member who needs some special attention, teas, supplements, discussion and reflection. It's all part of the package.

    I pace myself. Life at home continues and I continue with it. I may take a nap in the afternoon (previously unheard of!). I know it will pass. If I can't cope with Jaedon's stuff today, I'll cope with it tomorrow (or next week) . No rush. No hasty decisions. Pissed off by something Isaiah did? Tomorrow will be different.

    Speaking of Isaiah, I'll encourage him to do the same. I'm not warm and friendly today, no worries. I'll be back!
So, I'm going with my own flow, swimming or floating as is needed. No-one swims all the time anyway.

Be truly loving to yourself today, no matter what level of personal energy you are experiencing right now.

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