Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Whaddya Know?

What do know? What beliefs are anchored so deeply in your sense of reality that you never question them, so deeply that it never occurs to you to question them?

Is it esoteric and secretive or common and public? Is it exotic and mystical or it everyday and mundane? Is sacred? Is it profane?

Is what you know embodied in your belief in another: your lover, your mom, your dog, your cat? Is it your belief in you?

Is what you know global like the sun rising every morning or is it personal like the doubt that creeps in every time you encounter a specific situation?

What do you know?

What you know needn't be true; in fact, it may be absolutely false. What you know may never have occurred.

You may not be able to explain why you know what you know. You likely can't prove it, at least not to someone who knows something else.

What you profess as known may only vaguely resemble what your actions declare as known. Loud proclamations of providence are often tempered with insurance policies and longterm investments.

What you know may be good for others, but not for yourself. Our actions often escape the scrutiny of our knowing.

What I know is...

What you know defines who you are.
You are what you know.

How do you know what you know?

Forget about what you've been taught. Forget about what you profess. Instead, look at what you do consistently. The things that you do nearly every time the opportunities arise. Therein lie the answers to "what do you know?"

The one who says, "Every time I do this, I just know it's going to turn out badly", doesn't know it's going to turn out badly. What does he know?

The fretting mother who says, "I know Bobby's going to be just fine", doesn't know Bobby's going to be fine. What does she know?

The stage-frightened performer who says, "I just know I'm going to screw up my part" each time she walks on stage, doesn't know she's going to screw up. What does she know?

Think of all the absolutes that are negated by the very statement of them. "This is absolutely the last time that I'm going to..."

What do you know?

Perhaps the answer lies in those around you. If you asked your partner or you friends or the people at work, "What do my actions tell you about what I 'know?'", what would they say?

We often struggle with transformation because we don't fully understand the object of our transformative efforts. Whether it's remodeling a house or fixing a car or repairing a piano, successful transformation often depends on knowing what's there. Since what you know defines who you are, then perhaps the best way to transform you (if you so desire) is to start with understanding what you know.

Whaddya know?

Happy Wednesday,

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