Saturday, December 3, 2011


I get up this morning, fire up Chrome and click my bookmark to Blogger.

That's when I see it: 998 Posts, last published on Dec 2, 2011.

I click the New Post button and think, "Wow, this is post 999!"

I consider what a cool number 999 is and how many ways you can divide it and then stop myself. As cool as 999 is, there's something even cooler about our little band of bloggers producing a thousand-minus-one posts.

My first sensation is one of gratitude. I feel grateful for each of our writers and the perspectives she or he brings. I feel grateful that there are people who read what we write. I feel specially grateful for those who comment.

As I consider my gratitude, I realize that I feel most grateful for the opportunity to write. I guess I've always had the opportunity, but there's something about wanting to ensure that we have something new to consider ever day that motivates me to write. It's not from a sense of obligation (I'd write even if no one were to read it); it's something else. Most every morning, I wake up, look to see if someone's posted, and if not I write.

I learn so much by writing. It's not the kind of learning that you get in school; it's not about facts and figures or how things work. Writing forces me to clarify why I believe what I believe, why I think what I think.

Sometimes I'll begin a post writing from a one point of view; by the time I finish, my point of view has changed. Sometimes I'll begin writing about something that I find interesting; when I finish it will be much more interesting. Sometimes I'll start with just a vague feeling; by the end it's become crystal clear.

Another completely unexpected gift from writing each morning has been getting in touch with my past or more specifically, celebrating people and moments from the past (even people and moments that didn't seem so great at the time.) Writing about past experiences from a current perspective has an amazing transformative effect; even the worst of times seems better. No that's not it. Even the worst of times become perfect.

Perhaps I'm most grateful for the cast of characters who frequent my posts (some anonymously and some by name). Mark K, Jonathan, Scott, Iris, my dad, the band, Joy, Eila and Luke, the guys from work, my life is rich with great friends who are amazing characters. Thank you.


Wow, that's a lot of posts. And I feel like we're just getting warmed up.

Well, tomorrow will be post 1,000, a more impressive, but far less interesting number.

For now, thank you all for helping to bring about post 999. See you tomorrow.

Happy Saturday,

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  1. OK, how can I not comment on today's blog? Almost every day when I get up I tap the icon on my iPhone's home screen that takes me to this blog. if there's no new blog then, I check again a couple of times that day to see if maybe it just posted late. It has been a joy to follow along with everyone as they explore life out loud. Mark, I have to say that I get a special thrill when that day's blog is one of yours. I find your brand of perceptiveness both engaging and inspiring and in your exposition of your ideas there is something about the the logical and ordered way that you think that I find soothing.

    I couldn't write this love letter to this blog without singling out Iris as well. iris, I've told you this before but want to repeat it for everyone to hear. you have a remarkable ability to take on new challenges and master them over time. When you first began writing I enjoyed your blogs but lost some momentum in the reading as I compensated for your level of proficiency in English. over time your ability to express yourself not only correctly but beautifully has blossomed.sometimes when I read your blogs now your fluid style fools me into thinking that I am reading one of Mark's until your unique personality bursts forth in the content of the piece.

    To all of my co-authors and co-readers, thank you for keeping me company every day and sharing with me your lives, your loves, your triumphs and tribulations. i'm not really good at the gratitude thing, but I am grateful to all of you.


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