Friday, November 4, 2011

The Little Things

No matter how much you do for yourself and others, your life is filled with people who do things for you.

Someone who prepares your meals; someone who pays for the food you prepare.

Someone who makes your morning coffee. Someone who pours your evening tea.

Someone who picks up the garbage. Someone takes the garbage to the street.

Someone who makes sure there's enough air in the tires and the oil has been changed.

Someone who makes sure the fridge and cupboards are supplied and the dishwasher is emptied.

Someone who listens. Someone who shares.

Someone who makes you laugh. Someone who inspires confidence.

Someone who knows where the flashlights are when the power is gone.

Someone who picks you up when you need a ride.

Someone whom you know you can call. Someone who knows she can call you.

Someone who waits up for you. Someone who never doubts you.

No matter how much you do for yourself and others, there are others who do things for you.

How will you express your gratitude for what they do, today?

Happy Friday,

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