Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's Do-Something-Unexpectedly-Nice Sunday

You might have heard the phrase, there are only twenty four hours in a day. Well today that's not the case (at least in the US). No sir, today you get twenty-five hours! That's an additional 60 minutes ( 3600 seconds) for free. An increase of 4.2% over yesterday.

What will you do with this temporal windfall? Will you let it lie fallow on the ground, forgotten until bedtime seems to have come a bit late? Or will you scoop it up and partake of it while it's still fresh and full of possibilities?

I'm sure you have hundreds of ways you could use your found-time, an hour in the pocket of your just-washed jeans. However, I'd like to propose something. How about taking your found-hour and doing something unexpectedly nice for someone? It could be someone close or a complete stranger. It could be an individual or a group. It could be someone you see frequently or someone whom you haven't seen in years.

Just think of all you could do for someone in an hour. You could wash their car or windows. You could make some cornbread with jalapenos. You could print and frame a photo. You could watch a couple's kids while they go enjoy a coffee together. You could vacuum the house or give a guitar lesson.

What unexpectedly nice activity will you undertake today?

Happy Do-Something-Unexpectedly-Nice Sunday,

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