Thursday, October 20, 2011

What if...

What if you could see more?  What would you see?  The vastness of the cosmos?  The intricacies of a speck of dust?  The universe in a human being?  What would you see?  But would you see?  Would you allow yourself to see?

What if you could feel more?  What would you feel?  The extreme delight of a child taking his first and 300th step?  The amazement, the deep joy that can only be expressed by running as fast as you can?  The anguish of a father who can't find his toddler at Disney World?  What would you feel?  But would you allow yourself to feel?

What if you could imagine more?  What would you imagine?  The possibilities of life on other planets?  The next, most interactive, almost lifelike, virtual world for the entire family?  Your desk clean?  What would you imagine? But would  you allow yourself to imagine more?

If you would see more, feel more, imagine more, then you could create more.  Create more of everything you want to see in your body, in your life, in your sphere, in your world, in your universe.

See, Feel, Imagine, Create

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