Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just do it!

Aahhh!  I'm writing!  I've missed it.  I've spent so much time recently on functional writing, on editing previously written stuff, on critiquing other people's writing, on framing writing, on thinking about how to do the writing, when to write,.... argh!  I just sat here in front of the computer and thought: I want to write!  Immediately, I thought, what about?  then I thought, let's see what others are writing about.  2 lines into Tef's last blog and I recognised the procrastination tactic.  I made another choice.  I logged in and started to write.  Whew!  What a relief.  It feels wonderful to just decide to do something and do it, not think about when, how, if, is it practical, can I fit it, scheduling,...  Not that those aren't wonderful things to do, or even things I may benefit more from.  But it's great to just do it.

I realize that I spend a lot of time staging the things that I do, internally planning, figuring...  That can limit getting to the 'do it' part.  I notice that if I hesitate to start something, it's much harder to get going.  People see me as reasonably fast moving.  I do make decisions quickly when I make them.  The slow decisions, the ones that are slow because I've hesitated, paused for some reason, maybe even second guessed... those tend to go back on the shelf for another day.

Anyway, at the risk of my own recklessness, I'm jumping in.  I'm writing again, I'm acting on my thoughts (mostly), I'm being intentionally spontaneous!  I'm jumping in.

I wonder what I'll write about the next time I get around the computer.  You will probably find out a few minutes after I do!  Have a great day just doing it, whatever the it may be.  You know what it is.  Get to it.

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