Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What to wear?

The last weeks have really challenged me in my beliefs around what to wear. In the Netherlands, where I grew up, I wore long pants all year. I wore layers where possible, and would bring a coat except for the months July and August (if we were lucky!)

I tell my friends in the Netherlands that in May the coat goes in the closet, and that I don’t really need it till late in the year (October/ November)? I love this. I also have adjusted my summer style. Now I wear many skirts and shorts for as long as possible.

Normally halfway September (in my eight year USA experience) we are not yet thinking about fall, but this year the weather is very different. I have felt so cold at night that I would pull out thick sweaters and put on trousers and socks. In the last weeks I slowly have started to put my long pants back on and since a week and a half I am cold enough in the morning to want to wear socks.

But right now, at two in the afternoon, I wonder what I was thinking this morning. I wish I had put on sandals this morning instead of socks and warm shoes. I have a couple more hours to go before I get home, and wonder how I will make it without passing out from the heat!

Maybe I should pack an extra little bag with clothes to change into, when the weather changes so much during the day.

So, I wonder: how do you deal with this quickly changing weather?

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