Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What can you do ?

I think about our son Rithvik, this remarkable boy on the autism spectrum, and I wonder:

- What do you do with someone who spends his waking hours predominantly in these modes: peaceful, radiantly happy and deliriously happy? He starts every day with a jump out of bed and ends by vaulting back onto it. I’m sure we all have days where we feel like that, but every single day?

- What do you do when aforementioned modes abide in all kinds of external situations – fun & relaxed, as well as difficult and hectic?

- What do you do with a person with autism that completely personifies ‘go with the flow’? Aren’t they typically attached to routine, even compulsively? Our first family vacation (last month) was a prime example: over the course of two weeks, we stayed at 4-5 different homes/hotels, ate meals in various settings (at the table, out by the grill, in minivans and airplanes, etc), took in a Broadway show, walked the streets of Manhattan, participated in a 100-person-strong family gathering in 110-degree Dallas heat, and so on. No problem. Start attending school? Wonderful. Move to middle school? Great. Return to homeschooling? Sure; what else you got?

I’m sure there’s a lot one could read into all this. I’ll tell you what I do. To me, it is real, live, breathing proof that happiness is indeed a choice, that it is completely independent of one’s immediate or extended environment, past habits or tendencies. I now know for a fact that one can create one’s state of being, and maintain and carry it around at will.

What else could one do?



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