Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things My Mom Taught Me

My mom taught me many things

Some, I remember and apply daily

Others, I recall only when I find myself sharing them with others

Some, I hold as true

Others, I've discarded as not so

Whenever you become aware of someone in need, then it's your job to do something about it

Coat the counter with flour before rolling out the dough

Humble does not mean hiding

When singing or talking, focus your voice in the mask of your face. You'll be clearer and your voice won't tire.

There will always be people who don't like you. That's their problem.

When combining flour and liquid, start with a little of each until you make a nice paste. Then slowly add the rest. That way, you won't get lumps.

The scariest thing in the world is a mom who looks scared for you.

Everyone has strengths. Not everyone knows what they are. With some, you have to look a little harder find them.

Once the pan is hot enough to cook the eggs, you can turn it off. The eggs will cook on the residual heat.

Desire is more important than skill. If skill doesn't result from desire, one must question the desire.

You can get too thick with people. Don't be too open.

Don't tell Daddy-John (my grandfather) that dad drinks beer.

If you really listen to what others say and say nothing about yourself, they will find you fascinating.

Invite everyone. There's always plenty of food in the house if you know how to cook and are creative.

How to make corn bread in a cast-iron skillet. How to make a soufflé. How to fold an omelet. When to turn pancakes. How to tell when food is cooked by sound and smell.

Sometimes moms forget that they were gonna pick you up at school.

Wash the eggs before you crack-em, otherwise what was outside ends up on the inside.

Niacin is a rush.

The right combination of beans, corn and tomatoes provides a complete amino acid chain.

You can always do better. Being the best where you are now, doesn't make you best. Better is better than best.

Flash cook vegetables. Slow cook proteins.

There's goodness in everyone. Some people work really hard to hide it.

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. Great list, Tef. I liked the last one the most.


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