Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pourin' rain

You called that pourin’ rain? The weather responds to me starting of my morning blog by intensifying it’s water coming down. Instead of a running shower outside we now seem to have a high pressure water compressor pounding on the house. The sound is overwhelming. First I ran around in my underwear to make sure all the important windows were closed. Now, entertained by the sound of the water on the angled roof of my kitchen and the one open window underneath an awning, I am writing you. It is not hard to imagine that I am back at the walkways of the “Maiden of the Mist” at the Niagara Waterfalls.

I awoke this morning from what felt to me like an earthquake, but turned out to be thunder. Amazing how a body can translate things in a physical way, like translating sound as a tremble. When I was feverish as a kid the fever was translated in my dreams as the ground shivering. And my imagination had created the illusion that the ground was shivering from a giant that was on his way to me to crush me! Yak! Nightmares! I can genuinely say I am happy to be at an age where I have better control over my dreams and myself!

My cheery self has found a reason to be happy with the downpour today. The chimney man was here this week to repair a leak that started three weeks ago in my chimney. But after he moved my woodstove and had crawled around, and had invited me to do the same, we both concluded that we had no idea where the water had come from. Everything was so dry that only the pan half filled with water and the water stains around the chimney showed that we had not imagined the leak in the first place.

“This amount of rain should help to make the leak visible again”, I think cheeringly. I chuckle when I notice my excitement to go leak hunting today! Life is funny, don’t you think!

I wish you will enjoy whatever you are hunting for today!

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