Thursday, September 1, 2011

Iris on Drugs

Yesterday, Will and I received this email from Iris...

Hi guys,

Started Adderall today and decided to log my experiences in a doc. Wanted to share with you my first notes.



Prescription 10mg, once a day. Doctor says it will work 4 to 6 hours. I decided to take it after my playroom sessions in the morning to be able to get things done at home and work afterwards.

She recommends not taking it too late in the day to avoid not being able to sleep. If it doesn’t seem to work enough, I can give her a call in a week for adjustment of the doses. I have to get see her again before the prescription of 30-days runs out.

Day 1-3:30 PM

Took it at 2:30 PM when I walked out the pharmacy. By the time I got home I felt relaxed and comfortable. First thing I noticed was that I stopped squinting. Second thing I noticed that I had a more friendly loving view towards people around me. I was thinking about the band and wanted to make sure I mention that everyone knows we love and support each other--funny that! At home I notice that I am tired from being so worked up all morning, but after about half an hour the tiredness starts to slowly disappear and I don’t want to lay down like I normally would want to.

I play my daily Lumosity brain games and had four out of five games very high or highest scores.

5:30 PM.

I can’t say that I am focused on the things that have to get done first, but I feel relaxed and have noticed a couple of “weird” actions. 1) I noticed the trashcan in the bathroom is full (which it has been for a while) and decide to change it with a clean bag. 2) I notice that the kitchen garbage is full, so I change that one at the same moment.

I decide later to bring the garbage bag down to the garage and cleane the screen of my computer which has been dirty for months. While doing this, I think it is just as easy to use that same paper to also clean the tabletop quickly (and the legs and the sides!).

On my computer I clean out the Things program removing all the uncompleted tasks from the last year and adding all the upcoming tasks and things that have been floating in my mind. I am curious to see how I am acting by the end of the week and am curious to see if I have been able to make some headway with the tasks I am so far behind on. The fact that I take time to note down my experiment is quite amazing to me!

I think I am going to share this with Will and Mark.

I feel like a rock has been lifted from my shoulders and there is nothing to worry about. Man. It feels good!

Another thought came to me while reading back the 5:30 text: Maybe those things were the unimportant things that I got done where the most important things to be done first, but normally I don’t see it that way?

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