Monday, September 12, 2011

Enough Already

How do you know this is going to work?

I don't know it's going to work.

Then how can you be so confident.

Well, first of all, I don't know that it's not going to work.

That's a double negative.

Yes, it is. And second of all, if it doesn't work, I'll just try something else.

But what if that doesn't work?

Then I'll just... wait a minute. Why is that you're asking all the questions. Let me as you a question or two.

Ummm... Okay.

What if it does work?

What you do mean?

What if I am able to do it? What if I'm able to do it the first time I try?

Well, uhh, I guess, ummm... I never really thought about that.

Think about it now. What if I try it and it works? How would things change.

Well, you definitely wouldn't have to worry any more about whether or not it'd work.

I'm not worried now. So that wouldn't qualify as a change.

Hmmmm... Well, at least I wouldn't have to worry any more about whether or not it'd work.

You don't "have to" worry now.

OK, I wouldn't worry any more.

You sure?

Sure I am, I mean, umm, no. I mean, I might still worry.

Even after you saw it work?

Yeah, because just seeing it work once doesn't mean that it'll work again.

Since you'd probably still worry about it working, you still haven't answered the question. What would change?

The only thing I can think of is that you'd be done, and I still be worrying about how to do it.

What if that happened every day for a year? What if every day I try something that works, and every day you don't because you don't know whether or not it will work?

Uhhh... I guess that you'd be pretty far ahead of me by then.

Even if what I tried didn't work half the time?

Yeah, even then.

So, what does that tell you?

Happy Monday,

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