Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dutch Heritage

Yesterday I dressed up and I put make-up on my face and eyes. I have quite sensitive eyes and avoid make-up most days. So, at the end of that day I made sure I cleaned my eyes as good as possible before going to bed.

This morning I was standing under the shower and when I realized that my eyes felt thick and tired. Immediately I knew that it was a leftover result from the make-up and the make-up remover. A Dutch expression popped into my mind and I blurted: “Wie mooi wil wezen, moet pijn lijden.”

Translation: Who wants to be beautiful, has to endure pain. This expression means that if you want to be beautiful you may have to endure some things that are less pleasant.

This expression had me drift into a memory of me being about eleven years old, where my mom is trying to make braids in my hair. I had and still have a low tolerance for pain and those moments where mom tried to get my hair to behave were sometimes a struggle for both of us. We both would try to stay calm but after a bit I would try to get away. But if my mom had set her mind on getting it done, she would howl the expression “Wie mooi wil wezen, moet pijn lijden” to let me know that there was no way out until she was finished.

I have no idea when and why this expression was created but it has embedded itself deep in the Dutch culture. And even though this expression is clearly still at the top of my tongue, I want to state here that I decided today that I no longer want to use this expression to motivate myself or others to do something we otherwise wouldn’t do.

Now I just have to find the right replacement belief. Any thoughts anyone?

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  1. I decided today that I ONLY will use better or other expresseions as motivators! wat moet of mag! :) dag iris ik mis je! groetjes van mij


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