Friday, September 16, 2011

Cigars, Whisky, Wasabi, Tabasco and Espresso

What do these things have in common? Words that comes to mind are sharp, strong and spicy. Another qualifier would be not sweet. (No sugar in my coffee and you can leave the sweet whiskies for others; I like the peaty flavors of Laphroaig.)

Another thing they have in common is the sense of calm they provide me. It seems that stimulants don't stimulate me; in fact they seem to relax me. A good cup of coffee late at night and I'm ready for bed. Go figure.

This morning I Googled stimulants and relaxing and ADHD. I found that I'm not alone in my response to stimulants. I decided to share some quotes from people who posted their experiences. Perhaps you'll relate to some of them.

  • I find it amazing that people can take medication for ADHD and feel like it gives them more energy or stimulates them. For me, they make me more relaxed and able to deal with things calmly and rationally.

  • I have just started medication and can't believe how calm I feel!! It's the strangest feeling, I don't think I've ever been this calm or relaxed.

  • I had my usual dose of Ritalin but because I felt it wearing off in town I decided to have a coffee, which almost put me to sleep.

  • When I got prescribed Ritalin I thought it was going to speed me up and keep me awake all night. My first dose I felt really relaxed and my second dose I fell asleep. This medicine has changed my life. Now that my mind has slowed down and now that I have ambition and drive, I have gotten so much accomplished. I have also sorted out most of my disorganized life.

  • How it works for me? It brings into focus what makes the most sense. Helps me tune out the extraneous info that would otherwise distract me.

  • I think straighter...I walk straighter. I'm not a 'hyper' unless you consider the occasional racing thoughts that sometimes lead to my blurting. Gotta say what i'm thinking before I forget.

  • Many people can relax on the beach with just a bottle of sunscreen, a beach chair and a good novel. That's not the case for most with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD). For us, laying around in the sun all day reading can be stressful. To relax, we need a surfboard, snorkeling gear, a Frisbee or two, and half a dozen beach-game balls and paddles. People with AD/HD don't relax in the usual way - which is why vacations don't always relax us.

Happy Friday,

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