Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No Yesterday

I race towards the open kitchen door.  Who left this open?  I yell in my mind as I grab the open bottle of sunflower seed butter from Jay just before he dipped his entire hand in to scoop out as much as could be removed.  No more butter, I say, in a forced calm voice as I think about all the hiding spots.  My hesitation in thought was all the opportunity needed, and Jay raced out of the kitchen to grab the medicine ball, check the door, find it unlocked, and throw the ball out unto the grass.  I look at him stunned, the butter still in hand.  I had been looking for the keys to lock the front door, when I spied him and the jar of nutbutter.  I experience a confused disorientation.  A nagging thought pushes through....Did he distract me from locking the door with the grabbing of the nutbutter?

As I'm thinking about it, writing about it, I'm so grateful.  I admit to having little access to gratitude as I do lengths through our living room saving birds, fish, checking doors, saving food and generally saving the world (so it feels anyway).  But that's for another day.  Now, I feel gratitude.  Jaedon is a role model for me.  He is the model of persistence. 

These days, he wakes up with one primary survival objective, and 2 secondary goals, mostly for his entertainment:
  1. Eat LOTS of food
  2. Run out through the front door and throw things into the yard and street
  3. Disturb the birds and fish in any of a million ways
Like Pinky and the Brain, Jaedon wakes up and executes his objectives with precision and focus.  For Jay, there is no yesterday.  No, not true.  Yesterday serves only to refine his abilities to go after his objectives with more precision.  He isn't daunted by apparent failures.  There is no such thing as 'physically impossible'.  He is constantly integrating, learning, figuring out better and better ways to get what he wants.  The less focused among us fall prey to his strategies and even his distraction techniques are designed to get him more of what he wants.  In one quick flurry of movement, 3 table spoons of nut butter are eaten, bird bath is overturned and the front door is open and he's climbing over the fence.  It's brilliant!

The brilliance is about to begin again today, so I won't ruminate anymore.  I am so grateful that I have this model of persistence, though.  I see what it's like to go after and get what you want, and only stop when you decide you don't want to go after the goal anymore.  So, I'm going to be Jaedon's spokesperson and give you a message from him:  Never Give Up!  I know you can accomplish whatever is in your heart.  Go for it.  And I'll do the same.


  1. Oh, I can so completely relate with this, Faith. I too live with a real live model of persistence and presence, of how to focus one's mind and carry no clutter from the past. It really is brilliant.

  2. Faith,
    Your post has this uncanny kind of synchronicity with what had thought about writing this morning, The kind that makes me doubt the existence of random coincidence.

    I woke up thinking about how important it is to make what happened previously mean nothing about what will happen next, how it doesn't matter how many times the coin comes up heads. Statistically, the next flip will carry a 50/50 probability.

    I thought about how important this is to becoming relentlessly persistent.

    For some reason, before I began typing, I decided to see what might have been posted, and there you were. My gosh, how cool is that.

    If only we all could learn what Jaedon seems just to know.

    Love, Teflon


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