Monday, August 1, 2011


Who will you greet today? Not with a disinterested, Hey, how's going! said in passing, but with a thoughtful expression of delight to be in his company.

Who will you remember today? Whose words and deeds will you recall? What impact did they make in your life?

Who will you lift up, today, in your thought, in your prayer, in your meditation, in a phone call?

Who will you encourage today? Not with a simple atta-boy (though that may be a vast improvement), but with a considered, insightful comment or observation. Perhaps it's someone you believe needs no encouragement? Will it be face-to-face? A phone call? A text?

Who will you send flowers to, today? Or candy? Or a book? Or an iTunes gift card?

Who will you take time for, today? No matter how busy you are or feel, no matter what deadlines loom, for what one person will you make the time to call or write or drop by?

Who will you hear today, listening fully without being distracted, without giving advice, without judgment?

Who will you understand today, taking whatever time is necessary for them to feel understood?

We may not always fulfill our intention. We may only do so rarely. Yet, setting intentions is a great place to start.

Happy Monday,

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