Sunday, July 24, 2011

Try this One

Try this out.

Take your right or left hand and make an OK sign, i.e., touch the tips of your thumb and index finger forming an O; fully extend your other three fingers.

Now, while maintaining the O with your thumb and index finger, slap the other three fingers against your palm bending them from the lowest knuckles. Repeatedly slap your fingers against your palm until you can no longer do so.

Start slowly and watch your form. Make sure that your O stays in tact. Make sure that you're folding your fingers together. Speed up slowly.

If you doing it right, you'll feel your muscles working from your fingers through your wrist up your forearm round your elbow up the back of your arm and over your shoulder to your back. It's an amazing exercise.

If you do it for long, you'll start to feel warmth in all those places.

Try it.

What can you learn from this little exercise?

Happy Sunday,

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  1. That even the thingS that seem unrelated can be, depending in what you're doing.


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