Friday, July 1, 2011

In the Meanwhile...

Did you hear that? They just announced that our flight will be delayed another 90 minutes! If they delay it much more, we're gonna miss our connection in Chicago.

I heard the announcement. It'll be fine.

Fine? How do you know that? For all we know, we could be stuck here all night.


Then how's that gonna be fine? We'll miss the rehearsal. We might even miss the gig. And you call that "fine?"


Are you crazy or something? We've been getting ready for this show for months. We've been spending all-nighters practicing. Lenny bought a special keyboard rig just for this gig and shit, you dropped four-grand on a new PA system. How's it gonna be "fine" if we miss the gig?

How's it gonna help to make it not fine?

Well, it's gonna... it's gonna... huh? What are you talking about?

Look man. We're here in Boston. Our gear is already on the plane. The flight's delayed. We might miss our connection in Chicago. We might miss rehearsal. We might even miss the gig.

Uh huh. So...

So, how's it gonna help things to get upset about it? How's it gonna help to decide that things aren't "fine?"

Well, you can't just sit there and do nothing.

I'm not doing nothing. I'm talking to you. And before that, I was going over the set lists.

I mean, you can't just do nothing about the situation.

What do you propose I do?

Well... uh... you know... something!


Like, you know. Go talk to somebody. Call somebody. Something.

OK, let's say for the moment that there was somebody I could call. How's it gonna help for me to be unhappy about the situation? See that guy talking to the flight agent. Looks pretty pissed off. Do you think that's helping his cause or hurting it?

Ummm... I guess it's hurting it. The flight agent's starting to look pretty pissed off herself.

Right. And if he get's angrier, is that gonna change the weather?

Well, no. Of course not.

And when he finally does get to San Diego, do you think he's gonna be more stressed out or less stressed out as a result of being pissed off now?

More I guess.

So, getting unhappy is helping how?

It's not.

And by the way. We haven't actually missed our connection or the rehearsal or the gig. If we do, we'll have plenty of time to be unhappy about it, but in the meanwhile...

We can be happy?

Yup! In the meanwhile, we can be happy.

Happy Friday,

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