Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Day is It Anyway?

I woke up before my alarm this morning. A small treat for my husband who has the pleasure of a completely inconsistent morning experience. Some days he sleeps soundly as I quietly roll over, turn off my alarm before it has sounded and happily begin my morning routine. Other days, he has the pleasure of listening to me hit snooze for about 30 minutes as I grumble about how fast the morning has come.

This morning as I walk over to pour my coffee (which by the way usually tastes terrible), I begin to think about my blog. A side note on the coffee, I have traded taste for convenience as Dave and I don't like our coffee the same strength, but since Dave prepares it in the evening and sets the auto brew, I am welcomed each morning with the amazing scent of fresh coffee. I have decided the scent and convenience of not having to make it myself outweigh the fact that it tastes like dirty water. Perhaps I will blog about that trade-off on another day.

Back to my morning....

I glance at the calendar and realize it's Thursday. Oh my, I am a Wednesday-blogger and it's Thursday! How did that happen?

The intellectual side of my brain starts rationalizing. I've been busy... I was off on Tuesday as I was supposed to have jury duty so my schedule is all off... blahh, blahh, blahh... I begin to think about all the ways I should apologize to Iris for missing my Wednesday slot and then I simply stop all the crazy talk in my head and ask myself a single question: Why do you continue to not deliver on your commitments in any part of your life except work?

Did I really forget that it was Wednesday yesterday? Why don't I schedule reminders for myself about blogging or being home on time from work or calling friends I told I would call? How do I make decisions about what I "must do" verses what I "will do" verses what I "have time to do" or I "say I will do and don't do". For some people it's crystal clear; they always do what they say they will do for others or they almost never do what they say they will. For me, I am completely inconsistent on the topic of commitments.

The more I think about it, the more disorganized my thoughts. I am an out-loud thinker, so one idea is that I am not clear with myself or others about what it truly a commitment verses what is an idea. I am idea person. I love to generate numerous possibilities for everything. Many more possibilities than I can commit to. What does that have to do with keeping commitments? More food for thought. What do you think?

Love to all,

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  1. Kathy, Early in my career, I was offered the opportunity to take a time management course through work. I told my boss, "I don't have time to take a time management course."

    He sat me down and said, "Look Mark, the more creative you are the more you need to learn time management and the relationship is not linear. The requirement for time management grows exponentially with creativity."

    Since I was a musician among engineers, my boss had concluded that I needed the time management course more than anyone else in our group.

    The take-away I got from the course is that time management has nothing to do with time, but with priorities. To manage time, you manage priorities. To manage priorities you have to become good at making some things so important that they squeeze out others and other things so unimportant that you give them no thought whatsoever.

    Perhaps you want to start with just one or two things that you will absolutely do, no matter what (even if you have to stay up all night or walk out of an important meeting to do so), and a list of about 10-100 things that you're absolutely not even going to consider doing.

    Love, Teflon


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