Monday, June 27, 2011

Stepping Up

I hear the birds sing brightly. They seem happy that the sun is out this morning. Beautiful blue skies and luscious green flields are stretched out in front of me. The last sips of hot tea are still lingering in my mouth. I feel good. I feel satisfied. I feel proud.

Today is day three of our little WillPower tour. Finally we are showing off the months of practice we did after we came back from Las Vegas. On Saturday we drove down to Woodbury and performed at a benefit for Hurricane Victims. When we arrived at destination it turned out that the benefit was held at an absolute stunning property with glowing fields, a lake in the middle of the fields and rock formations all around the property. A methiculous landscaper (which also turned out to be one of the owners of the property) had rigorously cut every last grasshalm, even around the horse cradle.

An gigantic tent roof held us dry, while the view was not obstructed. I love singing with the band. While the wind moves my hair and I can smell the grass.

We were the house band for the day, and started off the event with an hour long set. You had to be there to see it, but we were ready. We all had big smiles, we had lots of energy and were so eager to perform that it seemed to rub off to the visitors of the benefit. Think about formal dressed people standing with their glass of wine in a group, and then slowly turning more and more towards the band slightly moving along with the beat. Imagine faces turning to their neighbors when the song is finished to discuss what they heard and then to focus in again to the music when we started playing. People were mesmerized. They were digging it!

During our first break an older lady in white, her hair manicured, her make-up expertly applied, walks up to me and says friendly "your band is great... And you know I am not easily satisfied!" I thank her graciously and think surprised that something has changed. It seems that we went from a band playing some cool music, to a band that people love. We stepped up...

So, since that first day the and has been talking about stepping up. What is it that we improved on? What is it that we do different and where are we going next?

We concluded a lot of things, but on of our main lessons was that when we really love what we are doing, the public will love what we are doing too. For example, they loved our choice of music, and we believe they loved the music we chose because we loved delivering the songs we picked to perform.

Do you think it can be as simple as that? Are there things you love to do, and because of that people like to support you with it? Are there things you try to get of the ground, but you seem not to be able to motivate anyone around you? Could it be that your enthusiasm has everything to do with it?

We will continue to step up. Why don't you join us...

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