Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A road never traveled...

Driving home from work on a beautiful Tuesday evening, I encountered some traffic in a curious spot. Although it is a route I take regularly, it would be unfamiliar if you described it to me. Given the traffic, the beautiful weather, and a desire to stay happy even though my evening would clearly be altered, I looked around to enjoy my snapshot of life in Barkhamstead, Connecticut.

The first item to catch my eye was a large handwritten sign placed haphazardly on a front lawn. As I got close enough to read the large red block letters, I laughed out loud as I read "#4 OUT THE DOOR. CONGRATS MARIA". I began to wonder how Maria felt about her congratulations banner.

Next I noticed a treadmill on a covered front porch. Now this I thought was a great idea given most treadmills I know are in a basement moonlighting as a clothes hanger. You can have the experience of running outside regardless of the weather. I began to wonder if that treadmill actually gets used more often than the clothes hangers.

As a few of the cars in front of me turned around seeking an alternate route, I found myself behind a black Audi convertible with a bumper sticker. I can honestly say that I have never actually seen a bumper sticker on an Audi. Even more fun was that the bumper sticker said "My other car is a sleigh". As my eyes rose from the bumper sticker to the driver, I saw a full head of white hair, a bushy white beard (I could see when the driver turned to talk with his passenger), and wire rimmed glasses. Minus the suit, it really could have been Santa Clause. After all, it was 85 degrees and sunny so the red, short sleeved polo shirt he wore seemed more practical.

Sticking with the Christmas theme, I then passed a house who still had their Christmas decorations on the front lawn. Another laugh out loud moment as I gazed at a white mesh reindeer decorated in American flags. Another interesting idea, all purpose holiday decorations, how fun!

As I passed through the center of town, another banner caught my eye. "Celebrating 75 years" with bright colors and balloons sat outside a local bank. I began to wonder if anyone who works at the bank is actually experiencing a celebration and if they are, do they know why they are celebrating 75 years and... 75 years of what?

The last fascinating observation I will share with you is the large bin sitting next to a pile of "spring clean up" in the front yard of a beautiful big white colonial home. You know, weeds from the garden, old tree limbs, maybe some leaves. Sticking out of the bin were a set of fake legs designed with denim jeans and Reebok sneakers. Yes, you read it correctly, fake legs designed to look like someone had actually fallen into the bin of spring clean up. The bin, the pile of stuff, and the legs, all staged with the likely intention of making all those who pass by and notice, laugh. It worked!

See how much fun you can have when you are stuck in traffic.

Love to all,


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