Tuesday, June 14, 2011

If Today Were Tomorrow

You plop down on the couch, toss your head back, close your eyes and massage your temples with your thumbs as your hands shield your eyes from the overhead light. As you breath out a deep sigh, the familiar strains of the evening news' theme begin playing on the television.

It can't be 11:00 already. You raise your head and look to see the news anchor scribbling notes and then through the kitchen doorway to assess the mound of pots and dishes arrayed by the sink.

Another sigh. The dishes can wait til tomorrow.

You return your attention to the news anchor who says, "Good evening! It's Monday, June 13, 2011 and here's what's happening in your world."

You think aloud, "As if you know."

The news anchor's demeanor changes as he says, "Oh, but I do know."

The ceiling lights dim, then brighten, then dim, then brighten, then... darkness. You stand straining to bring anything into focus. You peer out the window and see that the entire neighborhood has lost power.

As your eyes adjust, you notice that the moon is nearly full. You pull back the curtains and the room is flooded with cool, blue light that provides ample visibility to navigate the toy-strewn family-room floor. As you take a step toward the kitchen to retrieve the flashlight, you see however that the toys are no longer there.

You search blindly through the catch-all kitchen drawer seeking the definitive cylindrical shape of the emergency flashlight wondering when the last time was that you checked the batteries and as you find it, the lights blink on. Squinting, you drop the flashlight into the drawer as you raise your hand to shield your eyes from the now too-bright ceiling light and you notice that your headache is gone.

Back in the family room, the sounds of the evening news' theme begin again. Did they reset to accomodate the power outage?

You decide that you better tackle the dishes now rather than waiting until morning, but sink and surrounding counters are completely void of dishes. The news anchor begins his spiel, but his voice is wrong; it's female.

You walk back to the family room. Leaning against the doorjam, you see the weekend anchor as she says, "Good evening! It's Sunday, June 14, 2011 and here's what's happening in your world."

You say to her, "OK, you've got my attention."

She says, "Tonight's top story. At a press conference held just moments ago, scientists at MIT announced that due to a miscalculation in an experiment being conducted in nuclear fusion, as of 11:00PM Eastern Daylight Time, today will have become tomorrow. Although the event will go unnoticed by most, a very small portion of the population will retain their knowledge of the previous twenty-four hours, effectively being able to see into the future. And the question on everyone's mind is, 'What will they do differently?'"

If today were suddenly to become tomorrow, what would you do differently?

With whom would you spend more time? With whom would you spend less?

How would you treat people? With whom would you be more direct and forceful and with whom, less?

What would you do that you didn't do? What would you not do that you did?

Who would you be?

Happy Tuesday, err... Monday

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